Seychelles, WTO and the Blue Economy

On the 25th March Seychelles President James Michel signed the ratification of the World Trade Organisation Accession Protocol on behalf of the Republic of Seychelles at State House.

Ecotourism - boat transfer to Cousin Island Special Reserve
Ecotourism – boat transfer to Cousin Island Special Reserve

The President has said that accession to the WTO will assist Seychelles in developing the Blue Economy. He said that “to develop the Blue Economy we will need to leverage the research and technological support from across the globe. WTO is well placed to facilitate this access to the key drivers of our Blue Economy transformation. As we join this world trading body, we look forward to working with the WTO Secretariat to further help us in building our capacity.”

“Joining WTO ensures that we are not bystanders while global processes are shaped and directed by others. It ensures that we can create more opportunities for our people while also defending their right to development. As a Small Island Developing State- we are reliant on open access to trade in goods and services both to ensure that the basic needs of our people are met, and to ensure that we continue to create opportunities for wealth creation.” said the President

Nirmal Shah, CEO Nature Seychelles


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At Nature Seychelles we are convinced that the Seychelles Blue Economy model must offer a new analytical framework as well as a new way of crafting our common future. We have established a Blue Economy centre which will assist in building the content of the Seychelles Blue Economy model.

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